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Saving the Reality:
A Sacred Mission

The Museum of World War II is a sacred mission to preserve the lives and heroic actions of all those people who fought on the battle fronts and home fronts to destroy the evil of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

It is a sacred mission to show the heroism of people who left peaceful lives to defend their country and to liberate the conquered.

The Museum uniquely shows the human story interwoven with the military and political events thru all of the artifacts that made up life, from everyday, to the most momentous decisions during the war.

The Museum is a sacred mission to save the reality of those who saved the world.

Kenneth W. Rendell, Founder and Director

Dan Aykroyd narrated video documentary
World War II, Saving the Reality
WWII Foundation


Politics, War and Personality
Fifty Iconic World War II Documents That Changed the World

Tom Hanks was the inspiration for this book when he said at the premiere of the HBO series The Pacific that "The Museum is the repository for the actual Holy Grail documents of World War II." All fifty iconic documents featured in this book can be found in the Museum, from Adolph Hitler's earliest anti-Semetic rant written on the announcement of the Versailles Treaty to the order to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Throughout the museum the red letter V denotes the letters and documents included in the book. It is also available at book stores and on Amazon for $29.95.

World War II:
Saving the Reality


 The reality of World War II told through fifty years of collecting artifacts, letters and documents from all areas of the war. This 142-page large-format book, with over 700 illustrations of pieces in the collection is available now at bookstores and Amazon. A DVD documentary about the Museum of World War II, narrated by Dan Aykroyd, is available at Amazon and is broadcast nationwide on PBS.




Action This Day is the quarterly newsletter for the Museum, full of WWII facts, updates on our exhibits and other activities. See the Archives for past issues or sign up below to have them sent directly to your email address!


D-Day 70th Anniversary Exhibit, includes items from the museum's archive that have not previously been seen in public.
May 12 - August 30, 2014

Press Release - D-Day 70th Anniversary Exhibition


Upcoming Exhibitions of Museum Artifacts at Other Institutions:

  • The Power of Words and Images in a World at War, May - August, 2014 at the Groiler Club, New York City
  • From Barbed Wire to Battlefields: Japanese American Experiences in WWII, March - October, 2014 at the National WWII Museum, New Orleans, LA 
  • Exquisitely Evil: 50 Years of James Bond Villains, November, 2012 thru November, 2014 at the International Spy Museum, Washington  
  • OSS:  Spy & Sabotage Equipment,  permanent exhibit at the CIA Museum, Headquarters,  Langley, Virginia (not open to the public)


Three Critical Documents From the Start of World War II

75 Years Ago, September 3, 1939

Special Exhibition - September 3 to February 20

The Museum is exhibiting three critical documents from its archives in a special exhibition commemorating the 75th anniversary of the beginning of World War II. It is the first time these momentous documents are being exhibited in the Museum. The exhibition opens September 3rd and runs through November 29th, 2014. 

*The Draft of the Real King's Speech Exhibited For the First Time At The Museum of World War II. An original draft of the King's speech (August 25,1939), King George VI's famous live radio announcement to the British people that war was  declared that day, September 3, 1939, with Germany. The King's words were a vital boost for morale at a moment of national uncertainty and fear; they were also a personal triumph for the King himself who suffered from a severe stammer. The story of this speech and the King's struggle with his stammer has become familiar to millions through the 2010 film, The King's Speech.

 *A secret warning telegram (cipher) message to British forces (September 1, 1939) from the War office addressed to British troops throughout the world directing them to take defensive precautions to meet the likelihood of war with Germany and Italy.

*75 Years Ago The Most Calamitous Event of the Century Began With A Simple Telegram: "Commence Hostilities At Once With Germany." A hand-written Naval Message (September 3, 1939) marked, "Most Immediate,"to "All concerned Home and Abroad from Admirality": "Commence Hostilities at once with Germany."

Germany's attack on Poland brought the inevitability that England and France had not wanted to face - the reality of a rearmed and united Germany. Political leaders had tried to ignore Hitler's words and actions as another war was unthinkable.  War was not unthinkable to Hitler and other Nazi leaders; it was the chance to vindicate German honor and seek revenge against France, Germany's arch enemy and architect o the hated Versailles Treaty.

These documents show the grim reality of the time, as Britain is once again thrust to the brink of war, and the call to action as the outbreak of the greatest cataclysm in the history of the world begins.